SANLIKE Fiskeri Landing Net 12 mm Skrue Aluminium Teleskop Sammenklappelig at Udvide Rammen

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Model: SK-06 Material: aluminium alloy Size: Dia 40/45/50/55cm Pipe size: Dia12mm Suitable for 1/2 inch UK Standard imperial joint Weight: 125-165g Description Fishing net: The depth of the net is 60cm, which is deep enough to catch big fish.The mesh is made of excellent water-repellent, non-dirty nano material.You can rinse the soil and sand with water.Material: the frame is made from aluminum alloy and the net made from nylon.With 5 size: frame, diameter 40/45/50/55cm PCT network depth: 60cm, screw standard: corresponding to about 12 mm rod or connector Rugged: High-strength aluminum frame and nylon (net) for durability and strength.Ideal for fishing and adventure fishing, there are many moves, such as Hey, wave, Chongye District!Compact structure and easy to carry: the aluminum frame can be folded and carried!Also known as the landing net, if you go fishing essential items!

Størrelse 25*20*3
Type Reparationssæt
Materiale aluminium
skrue 12mm

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